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Brandon Cole Fowler

I had a doctor's visit on tuesday May 15th. I was 40weeks and 1day pregnant. The doctor decided to strip my membranes, which was not a pleasent experience. On the way home my back started to hurt really bad. I decided it was because of the car seat. Well my mom tells me about how she had back labor with me and it got us to thinking. So two hours after being home I am on the phone with triage. I live about 30-40 miniutes from my hospitial so they decided I should come in to see what is going on. So I hate triage by the way. I'm scared, anxous, and in pain and they wouldn't let anyone come back there with me. Not even Brandon. So during the 25miniutes I am in triage I am checked three times. The doctor asked if a medical student could check me and I said yes. (dumb me, I thought I was trying to help him) He decided I was only maybe 2cm when at the doctors just hours ago I was 4! So when I bring this to his attention a doctor checks me and I am now 4.5cm. Then he wants the medical student to know what 4.5cm feels like so I am checked again. By this time I am bleeding pretty bad. Well the .5cm change in under 4hours meant that I was there to stay. They finally let Brandon back and took us to my Labor and Delivery room. This is where the pain got really bad. I had made up my mind that an epi could wait until I thought it was absolutly time.

Everytime I had a contraction I would raise up to a sitting position and bend my head almost to my knees, sending the nurses into the room bacause they had lost the baby on the moniters when I moved. They kept telling me I had to lay flat on my back to keep the baby on the moniters....I basically flat out told them no, because I had to raise up and let Brandon rub my back during a contration or I thought I was going to die. Back labor is not fun. I had no pain in my belly at all. When the doctors told me I went from 4.5cm, 75% effaced to 6.5cm and 90% efface in almost 3hours we all thought it best to get my epi and break my water. Epidurals are beautiful! After that things calmed down for all of 20miniutes when the doctors and nurses all ran over to me all of a sudden and jerked me on my side and told me to breath deep and slow. The baby's heartbeat had dropped really low and he was stressing. The Doctor told me I could start to push, so I tried, but I was to numb I couldn't feel what I was doing. I was placed in an upright position to get the baby to come down a little farther naturally while we waited for my epidural to wear off a little. Finally I had this screaming urge to push and RIGHT NOW!!! So I called for the nurse and her and the doctors came in. I pushed three times and was rolled on my side for a few miniutes, then I pushed three more times and was rolled on my side. They keep telling my to breath slow and deep to get air to the baby. But how could I stay calm when we couldn't figure out why this was taking so long and why his heart rate was sooo low. Finally with one big push the doctor discovered, "this isn't a head, it's a shoulder" My little boy had wiggled himself around in the birth canal and turned his head the wrong way. The doctor in one big strong move went in and turned him. I pushed for 10-15 more miniutes and at 3:39am on May 16, 2007 there he was, so perfect. 8lbs 9oz 20.5 in. long....and the longest cone head ever from lying in the birth canal so long while we waited for my epidural to wear off.

This was the most amazing experience of my life. I didn't think I was capable of doing something so beautiful. All I could say after was "wow....oh my God....that was amazing...I can't believe I just did that..."

Amazing is seriously the only word I can think to discribe it....


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May. 20th, 2007 06:51 pm (UTC)
Congratulations! That does sound pretty amazing. I'm glad you moved when you were in labour, that's what you are supposed to do not lay down flat like you are dead, lol. Anyway glad your baby is safe and here. What a big boy he was. Well done!

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