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37weeks 6days

I have another ob appoitment tomorrow at 2:10pm....I am so tired of that place. They are so slow, I have to wait hours sometimes to even get back there to see dr. thorne. Then all she does is check heartbeat and ask me how I am feeling and I leave. Its really annoying.

I will be 38weeks tomorrow. I haven't felt any contractions yet, not even Braxton Hicks ones. I don't think I have started to lose my mucus plug yet either. This may take a while. But as much as I want him here now I am grateful for the easy pregnancy and for him taking his time. Some things just aren't ready yet. The nursury looks like a stock room right now and none of the furniture is put together. My glider chair someone got me is still at Dad's car lot. I haven't even begun to wash any of the baby clothes I have and right now they are all just stuffed is a dresser and in boxes and some are still in gift bags from the baby shower. I really need to get on the ball and get things moving. I guess that some part of me was just hoping I wouldn't still be at dads. But here I am. I feel stuck. I hate having to relay on them for everything I need. I am supose to be an adult and a mom and I have to ask my dad for $20 just to put in my gas tank.

I don't know how to tell him I don't want to go to school next semester. I mean, Cole will only be like 3months old by then. Its not that I wouldn't want to leave him with my mom or Dani or anything. But I think that my time would be better spent at a job, making money. Brandon can only do so much and I don't want to be going to school while he has to work. When I know that he would rather be in school too. That just doesn't seem fair. We are in this together so we both need to make sacrifices. Maybe we can finish school later. But my dad will never see it that way. He means well he really does.

 My dad is the best.

 I got a phone call the other night, this lady informed me that if I do not pay like $1100 to the collage right now over the phone I was going to be taken to court and it would be taken outta my funds and or assests that I may have. WHAT? I was freaking out. I informed the lady that I had applied for FAFSA (finacial aid) and that it should all be taken care of. She then told me that I had a D in one of my classes that I need to compleate my major and that is considered failing and when you fail a class FAFSA takes all there money away!!! WTF! So my dad just took out his checkbook and it was all taken care of and forgotten about by the next day. Dad was kinda mad but really only that I had gotten a D and that was the only reason it cost him money. I felt so bad that I never want to ask him for another penny agian. I mean how can I just ask him for money for whatever when he just took care of all that for me....

and my cell phone bill is due.....

Oh gosh the other day my dogs caught a little field mouse and they were playing with him on the patio. When I walk outside to leave I see the thing lying in the driveway and I assumed it was dead. As I got closer to it ( i had to walk passed it to get to my car) it started to try to stand up and making this horrible noise like a cat hissing or something. The poor little thing looked horrible. I wanted to put it out of its missery but I couldn't figure out how I should off the little guy. I didn't want to do anything messy and I wasn't about ready to touch it! So I just left and went to Brandon's for a few hours. When I got back low and behold there was micky limping its way across the driveway still. (it had made it about ten feet) I just left it alone this time but I couldn't believe it was still alive!!!! The dogs finally gained some intrest back in playing with the creature and eventually carried it off. But I just really thought it was kinda sad. poor little mousey!

My little sister and I counted some change that my dad had sitting around this mourning. there was $105.90 in change. not counting the pennys that we just put back and they filled up a whole tin by themselves. Thats a lot of money to have sitting around in quarters dimes and nickles!!!

Well that was just a few things I thought I would share with you.




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May. 1st, 2007 03:58 pm (UTC)
Sounds hard. I wouldn't want to go to a school when I have a baby at home either. How many years of college have you got left? Though it'll be hard relying on your parents it might be better just to get college finished and out of the way before you get a job. The thing with saying you'll go back later is that a lot of people just don't bother and college graduates do tend to earn more. Anyway I hope everything goes super for you in the next few weeks.

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