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TooL Concert

Ok so Saturday was the TooL concert. Brandon and I had quite a day. His mom watched Cole for us.

We started out running to Brandon's friend's house to get directions to the Big Sandy Superstore Arena that he printed out for us. (this was a husge help)We then went to dad's carlot to get a different car because we were scared mine wouldn't make it to Huntington. I think I am going to keep it. It is not as nice as my other one. It is an 4door caviler. well three door really. back drivers side door doesnt open from the outside or inside. Then we were on our way to Charlston. Our tickets never came in the mail like they were sopose to, and Brandon's step-mom said she made arrangements for us to pick them up at Ticketmaster. On the way Brandon was telling me he knew where we were going and he could get me there. Then after going 2miles up the wrong road and about 15miniutes of me yelling "call them and ask where they are located" (what is with guys and asking for directions) He then calls Andrew and asked him. After we get to ticketmaster is where the fun really starts. We get there and the front doors are locked. So we just go through the door that says "employees only" and ask a security gaurd if he would please find someone for us to talk to. So this boy comes in and informs us that you do not pick up tickets at ticketmaster. We explain our situation and he takes our cofromation number and goes to a computer. When he comes back he tells us that we would have to order replacement tickets. I told he we already did and thats what we are supose to be getting. He tells me that something must be wrong and I should call them to reorder replacement tickets and then pick them up at the box office at the arena. Thats all fine and dandy except "I am standing right in front of you why do I have to go all the way to my car to get my phone and call you when I am looking at you right now" "I understand that mam but you have to call" "I am looking at you. why don't you just go to the computer and order them for me now, you are holding all of our information" "I understand that mam but you have to call..." "I have to go outside and call inside to the place I am now" "yes mam" "ok whatever thank you good bye" and I walk off very annoyed and Brandon is still sitting there talking to the guy. Anyways we get to the car and call ticketmaster from there parking lot and thinkfully got a different person, she punches in our comformation number and tells us that they have all ready been orderd and the arena should have them now. Then what the fuck did I just do all that for, I have no idea!!!


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Aug. 8th, 2007 05:42 am (UTC)
i went to the Tool concert tooo! and your baby boy is adorable
( falling stars — tell me all about it! )

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